FAQs - Philosophy +
Please scroll down.  Below are some general questions about our business or philosophy.  You may contact us if you have a question and we will reply to you personally or select to display your question on this website.


What do you mean by "transformation" ?

- Definition:  The act, process, instance or operation of changing (in composition or structure, the outward form or appearance,  in character or condition).

- In terms of healthcare, we simply think of it as making those adjustments to get back to homeostasis (a balance where everything is doing its intended and appropriate function physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually).

- Since our mission includes educational and networking opportunities, we also translate "transformation" into the transfer of information.

- Using the language and lessons of HoloChromatic Life Sciences, L.L.C. (mycolorprint.com):  The color "gold" resonates with the concept that one can "transform easily" replacing a common thought pattern that change is difficult and scary.

- From personal and professional experience, it is helpful to have a container (healthy place and safe space) with the appropriate tools (good information, healthy and supportive people, and useful tangible things) to easily experience change towards health. 

- On one level, "a transformation station" refers to our home office - the physical space where the therapeutic sessions, educational lessons and special events take place.  Simultaneously and most importantly, "a transformation station" represents the human body that one inhabits where a multitude of changes occur for sustenance and growth as each unique person goes through life.

- It is our hope that participating in the activities at this office translate into better participation in one's life.

- Invest In An Experience     healthfully experience change     ... Better Yourself.




What do participants in the programs have in common?

In general:

  • Being human(e)*. 
  • Having an interest in health and bettering oneself.

For specific sessions/lessons/events, the theme(s) of the planned experience determines the common interest of the participants while the individual health-related wishes, concerns and challenges are also considered.

* (e = best use of our energy)



Who would you like to attract in the programs?

  • Health Professionals - "Healer heal thyself".  Give and take care.  Support each other in the process.
  • Teachers - "Practice what you teach (or will teach)".
  • The Public - "Healthfully experience change" toward wellness.



Business Round-Up  (asked by Natural Awakenings magazine)

1) How did you get started? Why?

A Transformation Station LLC began in 2006 in response to a desire and need for holistic health-conscious individuals to have a place for development (alias “transformation”) in their personal and professional lives with the goal of better serving the public. 

2) What makes your product or service unique?

Therapeutic service providers, their clients and the general public can participate in experiential programs for healing and educational support.  Some programs have more equal value between participants as we figure out this thing called “healthcaring” and being human(e).  Others involve each professional’s expertise in serving the individuals who are present.

3) Why should folks come see you or purchase your product?

We have hands-on experience in pain resolution, brain/body/life performance improvement and stress management using a holistic, “living life” sciences approach.

Now with our focus on combining manual, movement and psychological therapies as in the fields of therapeutic massage and bodywork, we offer reasonable plans for re/treatment and re/training.

4) Where do you see things heading? Future plans?

Part of “healthfully experiencing change” is that of controlled growth with some adaptability.  With so many talented health professionals in this area and the growing participation of the individual in their own healthcare, we’d like to be part of a village of innovative health-conscious micro-businesses.  We’d demonstrate that healing can be fun for us all to be functional.   We’d each have a sense of autonomy with the ease of collaboration.