Mission and Vision


A Transformation Station LLC's mission is to provide individuals and small groups the space, the programs and the tools for personal and professional transformation. In a combination of full-serve and self-serve participatory formats, one can practice being one's self and healthfully experience the change needed and/or desired to accomplish a health-related vision or goal. Included are therapeutic and consulting services as well as educational and networking opportunities.

This space provided by A Transformation Station LLC is meant to be a kind of therapeutic practice station for your or your organization's holistic health-related visions and missions. All programs are designed to be "in person" experiences. The tools may be the information, people and tangible materials necessary to facilitate and support that amazing healing process.


A Transformation Station LLC, the organization, provides a safe, comfortable and professional place where people can HEALTHFULLY EXPERIENCE CHANGE toward wellness. The space contains consulting and therapeutic service providers and those participating in the various programs. It is a gathering spot where each person is practicing the craft of being themselves. In its cooperative and friendly environment, the supportive structure for each function held is that of sharing a common health-related vision or goal.
* a uniting force is the study and practice of conventional and pioneering therapies specifically serving as the foundation for Integrative Medicine