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Welcome to the Website of A Transformation Station LLC

Specializing in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork

with its combination of "hands-on" manual, movement and psychological therapies.

Offering "holistic"
healthcare sessions, lessons and events.

resolve pain - improve function - manage stress

Note that we are now located in the Ford Lake Heights neighborhood:  7829 Lake Crest Ct., Ypsilanti, MI  48197.

If you have a need and desire to transform pain, disease and related dysfunctions, please consider investing in that incredible experience called healthcaring. 

Possible benefits from participating in our individual or small group sessions, lessons and events:

  • Experience immediate and long-term changes in your body or condition.                                                                 


  • Learn some basic concepts and tricks for healthcare, rehab and maintenance.

                   transfer of information

  • Apply yourself and better perform in your daily personal and professional life.
  • Put the fun back into functioning.
  • Be supported in that amazing healing process.



  Acute pain and injury discomfort comfort

  Chronic pain/suffering pleasure and joy


  Disease ease

  Dysfunction function

  Dis-stress normal eu-stress

  Disorder order

  Disability ability

  Weakness strength

  Stiffness flexibility

  Syndromes synergies and synchronicities

  Abnormal sensations normal sensations

  Abnormal movements normal movements

  Fatigue sufficient energy efficient and abundant energy

  Unwanted emotions wanted emotions energy in motion

  Illness wellness

 You get the picture