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As hard as it is for service-oriented businesses to promote themselves, we hope that the following snip-its are attractive to you.



From sample size to intensive integrative session and lesson appointments,

From informal study/practice/discussion "support" groups to formal workshops and brainstorming meetings,

This place and the people involved and gathered within it, invite you to

Invest In An Experience    healthfully experience change    ... Better Yourself.


Key Words:
Participation  (physically, emotionally and mentally)
Practice  (try it to see if you like it ... and maybe get results)


Present your wish, concern or challenge.
Co-create and implement your plan for health maintenance and improvement regarding the life of _______ (you, your group) within the scope of the professional's practice. 
Start somewhere.


Be part of programs that benefit you ... immediately and in the long run.

Be part of programs where people help others through direct "in person" contact or through the creation and delivery of the "transfer of informational" handouts and experiential events.

Be part of "demonstrations" and the concepts of best "use" of energy for health-conscious change.


Let us better understand and apply the ME and HUMANITY ... alias "WE" ... constructs where personal agendas are appreciated and considered within the group experience.

Let us better understand the whole healing process including the beginning, the middle and the end of an issue so that we can develop and share this information for practical application in everyday life.

Let us take into consideration both the general health principles and our individual differences regarding dis/comfort, dis/ease, dys/function, ...

Let us remember both the nature and nurture concepts.


Do you need to prove ______ (fill in the blank) and/or improve _____ (fill in the blank)?

Do you need to change major things with new information and/or do some "re"fining by "re"membering and "re"introducing those things that were fine and well in the past ... making adjustments for the present realities ... and providing for the future?


Please consider enjoying the space, programs and tools (information, people, tangible materials) that make up A Transformation Station LLC.