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2018 Classes  with  Gail Castle

 Co-create your event by picking the date and location.
$100 for 1-4 people at our location.  Additional fees for your locale which may involve more people.
A Transformation Station LLC will also host and post classes for $25 per person on the online Schedule site.  

   Regulating Your Nervous System 

 … Be Calm and Energized!

- an experiential class for health professionals and the public



Turn dis-stress into normal eu-stress.

  • Use your senses as an evaluation tool and a therapeutic progression signal with pain/trauma resolution.
  • Understand several nervous system regulation concepts.
  • Appreciate the anatomy of the nervous system and how that relates to one’s “ease” of living.
  • Learn some practices for balancing the nervous system including the use of visualization and breathing techniques, acupressure points, Simple Contact, and BodyTalk.

Classes are fun, educational and leave you with some basic concepts and tricks to apply in daily living.    (class size = 1-4 people)

When:     Refer to the Schedule section or select your own time.    2.5 hours    
Where:   the  office of   A Transformation Station LLC

               7829 Lake Crest Ct.   Ypsilanti, MI  48197                        

Class Facilitator:  Gail Castle  - licensed massage therapist and bodyworker

Fee:       $100 per event for 1-4 people          Fees may be split between participants.

Details:  Please wear comfortable clothing to allow for movement and access to your lower arms and legs.

Call 734-480-1191 or Schedule online in the Experiences section of this website

For more information:   Call 734-480-1191 or E-mail This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it