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Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork Sessions

Massage Therapy/Bodywork Full Session: 60-75 mins., $60.

Experience an individualized therapeutic massage/bodywork session for full body or regional relaxation, pain relief and brain/body performance improvement.
The specific evaluations and re/treatment techniques may vary with each session.
Neuromuscular biofeedback testing may be used to determine the session flow.

Sampler Menu Session: 20-30 mins., $25.

Bring your wish/concern/challenge(s) to experience this fun and productive way of trying out different therapies and getting to know the professional(s). 
Pick from the menus that are displayed in the website Experiences section.
You may bring a "buddy" to observe.

Therapeutic Services Consultation: 20-30 mins., $25.

Individuals: Use alone or with a Sampler Menu session. Included with full sessions. Bring your health-related wish, concerns or challenges. It involves a history review, posture and flexibility evaluations and discussion for co-creating a reasonable program.
Groups: Discuss and co-create a plan for stress management, pain resolution and functional improvement for specific individuals in your group or for small group inter-activities.
Note that free consultations and demonstrations may be available to not-for-profit organizations and with special promotions. 


Care Packages

TransformMates Punch Card Package: 6 ($25) sessions or lessons, $125

Part of our "mostly" self-serve program where you commit to invest in yourself.
Create a combination of Sampler Menu sessions, consultations and/or 1.5-2 hour workshops.

Boost your healing experience in a fun, informative and rejuvenating way.
To be used within a 3 month period to keep the momentum.

Therapeutic Intensives Package: 3 Full Sessions - within 5 Day Period - $30 Reward.

Recognizes the importance of the brief and intense concept of "jump-starting" the healing process.
Useful for the early intervention of newer injuries or for a renewed commitment to addressing chronic conditions that have plateaued or declined.