What do you mean by "transformation" ?

- Definition:  The act, process, instance or operation of changing (in composition or structure, the outward form or appearance,  in character or condition).

- In terms of healthcare, we simply think of it as making those adjustments to get back to homeostasis (a balance where everything is doing its intended and appropriate function physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually).

- Since our mission includes educational and networking opportunities, we also translate "transformation" into the transfer of information.

- Using the language and lessons of HoloChromatic Life Sciences, L.L.C. (  The color "gold" resonates with the concept that one can "transform easily" replacing a common thought pattern that change is difficult and scary.

- From personal and professional experience, it is helpful to have a container (healthy place and safe space) with the appropriate tools (good information, healthy and supportive people, and useful tangible things) to easily experience change towards health. 

- On one level, "a transformation station" refers to our home office - the physical space where the therapeutic sessions, educational lessons and special events take place.  Simultaneously and most importantly, "a transformation station" represents the human body that one inhabits where a multitude of changes occur for sustenance and growth as each unique person goes through life.

- It is our hope that participating in the activities at this office translate into better participation in one's life.

- Invest In An Experience     healthfully experience change     ... Better Yourself.