Letter to Health Pros

To fellow health professionals:Image

With today’s ever-changing healthcare climate, I am wondering if you too wish to see a return to health“caring” with person-centered strategies.  The blend of conventional medicine with alternative and complementary therapies alongside the growing participation of the individual in their own healthcare and well-being can be an exciting time.

Do you have challenging patients and clients?  Perhaps what is missing is the inclusion of emotional and mental healing with the physical.  This describes bodywork with its combination of manual, movement and psychological therapies.

Of course working with diagnoses can be helpful in treatment-planning and yet we must not forget to consider the person as a whole.  Sometimes working one area can effectively improve multiple complaints and conditions at once … something the present insurance system might not consider.  Other times, as the symptoms and signs keep changing, it is an indication that we are rightfully moving through the healing process.

The number of therapeutic techniques can be overwhelming for those in our field.   So, understandably, it can be confusing to other health professionals and the public. 

Each therapist (here and elsewhere) has their natural talents and specific trainings that constitute a session, lesson or event. 

While therapeutic massage and bodywork is most known for its high satisfaction rate in alleviating painful acute injuries and chronic musculoskeletal problems especially when combined with a team also interested in this population, one may not know about the emerging work relating the organs (viscera) to emotional content.  Or that energywork can influence many systems of the body so that one has better energy to work.  Or that one’s physical posture can give clues to a person’s biography and mental health diagnoses.

Many years of experience and thought have gone into the still developing, few person, multi-benefit organization called A Transformation Station LLC.  With the mission of presenting the opportunities and providing the (healing) space, programs and tools for personal and professional transformation, individuals and small groups are involved in a range of “mostly” self-serve to “mostly” full-serve “in person” activities.  The term “we” represents the service provider(s) and those seeking the therapeutic massage /bodywork and educational support services.  Active participation and cooperation are key.

Innovative therapeutic systems are continuing to build their infrastructure as information technology improves.  Meanwhile, we wish to be using the “oldies but goodies” and the newer practices responsibly.

Rather than investing in the rise of healthcare costs personally or as a nation, can you envision utilizing a place with health-conscious people and adequate tools to improve lives?

For the health professional, teacher and the public:

A place to recognize the importance of taking care of oneself to better care for others.  
A place to learn and then continue to practice the new material and skills prior to and even after introducing it to the general public.  

A place where, after the initial costs, contributions are decided by the participant (based on value and ability to pay) ... in the “we’re figuring this out” stage.
A place where the set fees are reasonable considering the developmental cost of the past, the ordinary expectations of the present and the costs for sustenance or growth in the future ... during the “we’re pretty good at this”, experienced, service-oriented, professional stage.

A place to fill the void in the present, insurance-oriented healthcare system as well as in our bodies.  Treat.
A place to release for a renewed lease on life with real ease.  OK - Smile.  Retreat.

A place that recognizes that it may take a village to help each other get healthy.
A place that sees integrative medicine, holistic healthcare and the “living life” sciences needing a common language around being Human or actually Humane … where the e stands for energy and the best use of/for our energies.
A place to notice tendencies and successes to pass along to those who are already in the stage for utilizing the information.
A place to do what we do easily as healthcare providers based on nature and nurture concepts.
A place to demonstrate - in the true sense of the word - that concepts regarding our bodies can give us clues to utilize in life.

Though we would be coming from a bodywork perspective, perhaps it can serve to interest and move others in their healthcare fields as well.

So … starting with you and perhaps a few select patients-clients/friends/family members/colleagues:

Invest In An Experience      healthfully experience change      ... Better Yourself.

It bothers many of us to sit back knowing there’s the possibility and probability of helping people with their unnecessary pain and suffering and to move toward better lives.  It takes some collaboration with all parties to put the “fun” back into being functional and yes, healing can be fun!!!

Present your case(s) and see if we (the participant in health and us) might give re/treatment a fair trial.

Energetically yours,

Gail Castle NCTMB
Co-organizing LLC Member and licensed massage therapist/bodyworker