What To Expect

Therapies Offered

What kind of therapies are used in a full bodywork session?

A full session is 60-75 minutes long and the treatment content is personalized through the use of neuromuscular biofeedback testing.  Gail has created several lists of techniques from which to choose.  (BodyTalk Fundamentals, Sampler Menu, Gail's Bio page)  After programming your arm to yes/no responses, the priorities for the session will be determined step by step.  Before moving ahead with each procedure, it will be tested that your body is ready to take it from there.

After discussion and perhaps a look at your posture and flexibility:  your goals, her skills and knowledge and your inner healing wisdom come together to determine the flow of the session.  Since these vary as you move through the healing process, it is advised that you wear (or change into) comfortable and flexible clothes such as athletic shorts and a t-shirt.  This will allow for a change in position (on your back, side, stomach, sitting, standing, kneeling, on all fours ...) and for accessibility to the skin.

The techniques vary in the kind and amount of touch, pressure and movement.  They will involve many systems of your bodyInformation about the brain/body/life relationships may be presented verbally or through the use of videos, charts, EmpowerPoint slides and play. 

Your feedback is encouraged during the session.  Any tenderness or pain rated 5/10 or greater will only hinder progress if adjustments are not made.  When an increase in symptoms is experienced because of memory in the tissues rather than a true threat, the subtle difference will be pointed out.  It will be an easy team effort to work/play with those sensations or motions.

The retreatment flow seems to have a:
beginning preparation phase   (appetizer)
middle "meat of the problem" execution phase   (entree)
closing restoration phase   (dessert)

An anticipated length of time before you may notice the long-term full benefits (whatever they may be) will be conveyed at the end of the session.  This teaches patience and allows you to gradually experience the change while still engaging in life.  You will probably see immediate changes in how you feel and move throughout the session as well.  Sometimes you will be given a homework assignment.

Payment is processed in the front study to transition you back into the real world.  Smile.

Why would I select a Sampler Menu session?

Once someone has had a 30 minute consult or a full session that includes the history and special tests, they can elect to have the 20-30 minutes sessions.  These allow the participant to have fun trying out the different therapies that they are curious about or are drawn to on the Sampler Menu.  Since we all need the Basics, this has low risk and requires a smaller investment in time, money or energy.  Gail can assist you in narrowing your picks for the session.

Session flow:
You present your health-related wish, concern or challenge for the day.
Read and pick the techniques that you wish to experience.
Gail will explain and perform them to the areas that are appropriate.

Full sessions are recommended for complex cases. 
Some people will use both kinds of sessions.