Privacy Policy / Disclaimer

Privacy Policy:   Presently, the online scheduling is through Schedulicity and they have their own privacy safeguards built into the system. The payment system is a collaboration between Elavon and KeyBank Merchant Services which also has high privacy standards.

Simply put ... anything else on this website cannot be considered absolutely private.  Please use your discretion about the info that you want to share.  When enough participants in the TransformMates Network show an interest in a secure section specifically for their use, one can be developed. 

At the office, each program and service provider can offer you its/their own privacy policy.


Disclaimer  We ask that everyone use their own judgement concerning the knowledge, techniques and beliefs that are shared in the educational and networking programs as well as in the therapeutic and consulting sessions.  Remember that this space (at the office and on this website) offers the opportunities for health and healing and that each participant (both as a giver and receiver) is responsible for his/her own well-being.  One has a choice on how, when and whether to safely integrate any changes in thought, feeling or action into their life as it is our goal for all involved to "healthfully experience change" toward wellness.  Therefore, discussions and feedback are encouraged.  In reality, we are still figuring out this thing called "healing" and are striving for our best.  Let's help each other in the process.